About Us

Welcome to Full Circle, a place that I dreamed about for 25 years while practicing as a midwife in Long Island, Queens and Manhattan but never working in the same community that I lived in. In the years after graduating from Columbia University School of Nurse Midwifery I participated in the birth of many babies and families. While I was able to meet most of the couples’ needs throughout their pregnancy, labor and birth, there were times that I called on and referred to chiropractors, internists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, pediatricians, neonatologists, radiologists and most of all, educators. As couples morphed into families, the need to integrate other medical and healing specialists, both traditional and alternative, continued.

Here is what I learned: The most important thing that you can do to help a person find the right care, for themselves, is to listen and observe them within the context of a relationship, and a family. I was privileged

to be able to do that, as family members were always welcome at prenatal visits and at the hospital for the birth, according to the mothers’ wishes, of course. It is the ability and desire to listen to people, and partner with them in their health care that, I believe, sets apart the health care professionals who practice here at Full Circle.

Full Circle is the realization of my dream: I am working in the community that I live in, and I have gathered like-minded practitioners, healers and physicians to educate and care for individuals and families from birth through old age. Our goal is the prevention of illness and the preservation of wellness via education, support, physical activity, nutrition, stress reduction and decreased exposure to toxins. While not a group practice (each practitioner is autonomous), this is a place where like-minded health care providers come together to create a community environment and a one stop shop for health and wellness.

– Lisa Gussack, Founder and Director