Jill's Biography

Jill is passionate about helping women achieve their health potential using food that is appealing, convenient, and nutritious.
She believes that there is no ONE way of eating that’s right for everyone. Rather, she focuses on a highly individualized approach and works together with clients to find the way of eating that is right for each person. ! !

Jill graduated from The University of Bridgeport with a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and she holds the highest national nutrition certification, Certified Nutrition Specialist. Jill has trained in and worked at two busy functional medicine practices that specialize in a wide variety of conditions including neurological dysfunction such as ALS and Parkinson’s, cancer, psychiatric disorders, autoimmune, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, and weight loss. ! !

Jill has a strong interest in working with women as they pass through major life transitions such as conception, pregnancy, birth, early motherhood, and menopause. She has found that with nutritious food, physical activity, self-care, and plenty of fun, these years can absolutely be our best. Rather than being resigned to discomfort, mood issues, fatigue, sleep problems and the like, she feels we do have control over our bodies and we have the ability to feel great throughout these transitions. ! !

Jill is especially passionate about helping women set the stage for a healthy pregnancy and baby. She believes conception and pregnancy are crucial times where the mother can maximize her child’s potential for lifelong health. In addition, this is a key time for women to really nourish themselves so they can be at their best for their families, and also enjoy this wonderful time in life. !

Jill's Full Circle Blog Articles

3 Easy Ways to Boost Nutrition

Jill Cruz
November 25, 2016

 3 Easy Ways to Boost Nutrition: For All Moms and Moms-To-Be Eat fat, fiber, and protein at every meal and snack Eat fermented foods Eat more fish and seaweed 1-Eat fat, fiber, and protein at every meal and snack: A simple formula for nutritious eating is to include fat, fiber, and protein at every meal and By doing so you will ensure a low-glycemic and nutritious diet. And as long as you eat predominantly whole, unprocessed foods, you will naturally …