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Lauren Safran is a psychotherapist specializing in maternal mental health.
Starting a family is such a significant life transition. It has an enormous impact on a woman and her partner. Fertility complications, and mood disorders in the pregnancy and postpartum periods are obstacles to a positive family experience.
Ms. Safran provides support for Mom and family, and assures women that they are not alone and they will recover. She assists women in learning to trust their maternal instincts, gain confidence and find the joy they had hoped for.

Ms. Safran graduated with honors in psychology from George Washington University in Washington, DC. and received her Masters from Columbia University. She is trained in Postpartum Assessment, Treatment and Advanced Clinical Practice through Karen Kleiman of the Postpartum Stress Center of Philadelphia. Additionally, she received training through Postpartum Support International (PSI), where she has been a New York State Coordinator for 8 years and was recently appointed to PSI's board. She is also a member of the Hudson Valley Birth Network.


The initial meeting, and if indicated subsequent sessions, will involve an extensive psychosocial history in order to understand the client’s immediate concerns and needs. Support and reassurance for the client is integral to the session.
The method and duration of treatment is dependent upon the intensity of symptoms. Therapy is goal oriented with an objective of health and well-being, renewed confidence and the ability to not only function in one’s new role, but to find joy in doing so.
Family Therapy
While family dynamics always play a role in our well being, a clinical condition underscores the importance of a healthy family network. Ms. Safran works with client and family to ensure that the client is receiving the support she needs and that her condition is understood, while in turn allowing family members to express their feelings and needs.
Group Therapy
A support group is an effective way to connect with others who share similar experiences, within a secure and comforting environment. The mutual support provided is in itself a powerful tool to regaining confidence. Coping strategies are given for dealing with anxiety and distressing symptoms.
Other Services;
Communication with client’s other treatment provides as needed to ensure continuity of care.
Home Visits available when indicated.

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