How Will Your Sex Life Change During Pregnancy?

Michelle Chiafulio
September 13, 2014

Have you heard that sex during pregnancy is potentially harmful for your baby?  Nothing could be further from the truth. With amniotic fluid and your cervix safely protecting your baby, your blood volume increasing by about 40%, and yourbreasts growing to about four times their usual size, we recommend that you enjoy (and explore!) your changing body over the coming months.  It’s important to remember that sex in pregnancy can be different for everyone, and change at different times throughout the pregnancy. Below, are some of our tried and true recommendations to enjoying this unique shift in sexuality during pregnancy: 1. Your Body …

Do you know how to hand express your milk?

Regina Camillieri
July 31, 2011

An article in the New York Times reported, today, that women who learn how to hand express their milk will most likely breastfeed longer. The study was conducted in San Francisco and there were 36 mothers used for the study. This was a small study, but it does give one something to think about. Hand expression of breast milk is a skill that has become lost through the ages. With all the fancy machines that are out there that you can use …

Infant/Child CPR and Safety

Anastasia Libovich
January 14, 2010

Look for posts soon from Anastasia. Anastasia Libovich, Certified Midwife and American Heart Association CPR Instructor, mother, and former public school teacher of ten years. Anastasia has worked with midwifery practices, pediatricians, and parents’ groups in New York City, Westchester, and the Hudson Valley to deliver compassionate, skilled and enthusiastic CPR classes.