IRS says Acne Cream is more important than Breast pump

Regina Camillieri
October 27, 2010

The IRS has decided that acne cream is worth reimbursement but the payment to an Internationally Board Certified Lactation (IBCLC) or the purchase of a breast pump is not worthy of reimbursement from a flexible spending account. Just to remind everyone, a FSA account is YOUR money. Should we be able to spend our money on what is important to us? Write your opinion here and tell us what you think of this decision. If you would like to read the …

Infant/Child CPR and Safety

Anastasia Libovich
January 14, 2010

Look for posts soon from Anastasia. Anastasia Libovich, Certified Midwife and American Heart Association CPR Instructor, mother, and former public school teacher of ten years. Anastasia has worked with midwifery practices, pediatricians, and parents’ groups in New York City, Westchester, and the Hudson Valley to deliver compassionate, skilled and enthusiastic CPR classes.