New Moms Support Group

4-week series starts the first Wednesday of every month

Becoming  a  mother,  again or  for  the  first  time,  can  be  a  joyful  experience. However, for many women it can feel overwhelming, isolating and, at times, scary. Many mothers have questions about infant development and caring for a newborn  baby.   Other  mothers feel  lonely  and  disconnected  from  their  partner, friends or family members.

The New Moms Support Group provides an opportunity for mothers to share and discuss their thoughts, feelings, and worries in a safe space with other mothers who have recently given birth, and to learn from the group leader as well as from one another.

Having such a space promotes your well-being and supports your relationship with your baby during the most crucial time for bonding and development.

Discussion topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Infant Development
  • Being a "good-enough" mother
  • Sleep (for you and your baby)
  • Feelings that arise after birth
  • Identifying and communicating your needs
  • Introducing your baby into your family
  • Engaging your partner

Any new mother is welcome to participate in the group, along with your baby/babies (newborn through pre-crawler).

Fee is $100 for the 4-week series Register and Pay >>


Location, map and directions

Repeating classes are held at:
Full Circle Women's Health
450 Mamaroneck Ave. Suite 414
Harrison, NY 10528
(914) 421-1500
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