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Full Circle Women’s Health

“I arrived at Full Circle mid-pregnancy after an underwhelming experience with one OB and a blatantly disempowering one with another. I couldn’t have been happier with the move, even though it was unfortunately out-of-network for me. For my first pregnancy, I was seeking personal care and emotional support as well as medical competency, and at Full Circle I found all three. I was seeking a childbirth with as little medical intervention as possible, and I felt encouraged and empowered in that decision at Full Circle. The midwives each take the time to connect with patients in their own way. I never felt rushed during an appointment, and I appreciated the different personalities of each of the midwives; they complimented each other in providing me and my husband support throughout the pregnancy. Full Circle encourages patients to make appointments with each of the midwives so that you have met each of them at least once by the time you deliver, and I can honestly say that I would have felt safe and supported being delivered by any one of them. I always looked forward to my Full Circle appointments.

I ultimately delivered with Robin and it was a wonderful experience. Robin tells it like it is but with a note of humor when possible, and her frank, direct manner combined with her empathy and experience contributed to a memorable delivery. She allowed my husband to be as involved in the birth as he’d hoped and also made my mother feel included. I dealt with some postnatal complications in the weeks following my daughter’s birth and Robin presented my options clearly and was prompt in following up and checking in. She made me feel cared for, even as I navigated doctors and procedures beyond Full Circle’s umbrella.

Beyond the midwives, Full Circle provides an abundance of resources. Beth does an amazing job of helping women connect with their bodies in her yoga classes, and I appreciated a phone call from Regina the lactation consultant a couple days after I delivered to see if I had any questions. Ashley’s smile and sincere interest in how I was doing made dull check-in routines pleasant, and the nurse Judi returned calls quickly when I had questions between visits.
There are always small details that can be improved, but overall the experience was far superior to the health care I have experienced elsewhere in this country. I felt personally connected with and cared for by the staff at Full Circle. They made my pregnancy and birth feel like the intimate, powerful and magical experience that I believe it is meant to be.” – Rebecca.

“I became a patient when I was 14 weeks pregnant back in November 2013 and it was one of the best decisions I made for my pregnancy. The midwifery care is excellent. They really care about their patients. I never felt like i was rushed during a visit and I always knew that every recommendation made was for the benefit of me and my baby. The front desk staff is great and I never waited longer than 20 minutes to see a midwife. I think I only waited 20 minutes one time. All other times, i was in within 5 minutes.

I recommend Full Circle to all women who want to received genuine care. I also like that full circle offers a holistic approach to care. While I was pregnant, I also took part in the prenatal yoga classes, I scheduled a few acupuncture sessions, my husband gave me a gift certificate for a wonderful massage with Suzu and once I had the baby, I took advantage of the lactation consultant, Regina. I am currently taking the infant massage class with my 2- month old and love it.

Finally, one of the most touching and unique aspects of the practice is the gift I received during my PP visit. I received a wonderful baby block with my daughter’s Initial, DOB, Place of Birth and weight and height. I wasn’t expecting anything and it was a wonderful surprise.” – Carolina H.

“I’ve decided super late in my first pregnancy to switch to midwife care and I am glad Full Circle accommodated me. On my second pregnancy I had no doubt I wanted the same amazing care. Billing helped with insurance (to get out of network exemption). Midwives listened and patiently answered my questions and concerns. I felt cared for and not just a number in their list of clients. When reached the answering service, all my calls were returned right away. Ladies at front desk are nice and helpful. Nurses are kind and kept me updated with blood work results. Full Circle not only have midwives but also a lactation consultant, yoga instructor, support groups, etc. I’m very pleased I was cared for by the midwives at Full Circle and highly recommend them!”
Marina D.

“We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your wonderful care and to let you know what a wonderful birth experience we had thanks to you all being “you”. You’ll never know just how much it meant to all of us to have found you … even though it was the 11th hour! Thank God we got to you in the nick of time.”

“Despite the length and hardship of the birth, from beginning to end, we cannot imagine a more supportive, informed and caring team. We felt there was the perfect balance between respect for our wishes and informed intervention. From the start of the pregnancy, you took us seriously when we needed to be taken seriously, you rolled your eyes when we needed not to be taken seriously, you were available for every bump, and we never once felt like we were in the hands of clinical or uncaring strangers; in other words, you weren’t doctors — you were instead what medicine should be. Every day we move further from the birth, but the experience was so powerful that you will always be with us. And who knows; we may decide to do it again!”

“There are no words to express our gratitude for the wonderful care we received during our pregnancy. You created a warm, safe and nurturing environment that comforted two first-time parents and gave us not only the ability to have the kind of birth we had hoped for but also the most wonderful, amazing and precious gift of our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Dear wonderful women. Thank you for your support and guidance through my miscarriage. You exemplify the way health care should work!”

“Thank you so much for being a wonderful and supportive part of my motherhood experience. You helped make my pregnancy a great experience, and you made my childbirth absolutely wonderful. I would definitely go through that again if you promised to deliver my next one! You made a difficult experience a lot smoother. Thanks.”

“Words cannot adequately express how deeply grateful we are for all your devoted care and support leading up to and on the day Kendra was born! “

“I was never sure why it was so very important for my wife to have a midwife deliver our child, but I did trust her and knew to support her decision. Looking back, I can now appreciate her choice with extraordinary specific acts of compassion, kindness and expertise that you gave us on February 5th. You were so supportive of Connie’s natural choice; respecting her desire for a drug free, needle free experience — from getting a tub at Phelps to suggesting castor oil. Laughing with us, informing so well, being present for maybe 80% of her labor and allowing, even encouraging and then requiring Connie to experience her birth of Sam, our son. You had all the right things to say at the right times. Always calming, peaceful and blending modern and ageless information in reassuring, kind words. You took away fears, explained and eased pain, and gave the support that allowed Connie to have her own baby. You are exceptionally gifted and caring, supportive and informative, expert and effective, funny and demanding. I guess all this is what Connie originally wanted in a midwife. Thanks again.”

“What I feel is important to relate to you is that I was able to recognize my feelings at this time because of your compassion. You allowed me to acknowledge my feelings; therefore, allowing them to come to a conclusion. I felt understood and safe. I am grateful for that, knowing that it’s not always that way. I wanted you to know that your efforts to provide compassionate care are recognized. From my first visit to your office, through the pregnancy and labor, and now moving on, your care has been exceptional. Thank you for that, and I look forward to many years of working together.”

“Alex and I consider ourselves very lucky to have had such wonderful, nurturing and supportive care for our first child. We thank you for all of your time, patience, caring and help. You listened to all of our concerns without judgment. I feel that I had a beautiful pregnancy and delivery.”

“No words can really express how I felt having a normal delivery after two C-sections. And I am sure I owe it all to you! I know how you defended my wishes, even protected me from the nurse (who wanted me to sign a consent for a caesarean, “just in case”. You helped me a lot and granted me everything I was hoping to get in a normal delivery with no drugs and no interventions. Thank you ever so much! You are the best midwife one could ever find!”

“Thank you very much for a wonderful experience when coming into your office. I always feel right at home when I come for my office visits. Also, thanks for the whole midwife experience; it’s truly amazing to have the personal care that each of you provided. The delivery experience was wonderful because I was completely confident and relaxed through the whole 40 hours. Thanks for everything.”

“We can’t thank you enough for all of your patience, guidance, advice and loving care. You always took all of the time necessary to make sure that all of us were well; not just mommy and baby but daddy and big brother, too”

“Anthony and I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful care you have provided for us and our baby. Thank you for the support, encouragement and knowledge that you have shared with us through the journey of our pregnancy. It has been a wonderful experience for us. We are so thankful you have chosen the careers you have and we truly appreciate your talents!

“Thank you so much for your fabulous care. The entire 10 months was wonderful! Matt, Lucas and I are so grateful. Keep up the amazing work you do and know what a difference it makes to the families you care for.”

“Thank you all for everything you did to make my first birth experience so amazing! I am so lucky to have such a great team to care for my health needs. Kathy, thank you for delivering my healthy baby boy. I will be forever indebted to you. It was hard, but yet my memory is also of how serene and wonderful it was at the same time. And thanks for the best “sex talk” I’ve ever had.”

“I wanted to personally write a thank you for the care I received from both of you. Having you guys as my woman care providers is like a “dream come true”! I really felt your concern for me throughout my pregnancy. I felt your genuine sense of warmth to me and really felt that you truly cared about me as an individual. What really struck me is when both of you sat down and talked to me about my birth plan. I know that you were taking the time to really hear what my wishes were and, most importantly, respected those wishes.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better birth. Thank you. Through the labor and delivery, you were superb! I appreciate your thoughtfulness in remembering my requests in my birth plan such as laying the baby on my belly after she was born and taking the time to make sure Lucinda latched on properly. I noticed all the details in the way you directed the birth and so I thank you for that. Thank you for respecting me. I look forward to many years of care with you both.”

“Words simply cannot express the impact your involvement had on our birth experience. I’ll never forget your face as your calming presence kept me focused and helped me accomplish my goal of an unmedicated and completely natural birth. Throughout the entire experience, I knew I was in such capable and caring hands. You made something that would have felt so scary to me feel so possible. Thank you.”

“Just wanted to thank you again for being such a wonderful guiding light during the birth of our daughter, Jayden. I could never express to you how lucky I (we) felt to have had our first birth experience with you at Phelps and with the other 2 angels that were by our side. “

“What can I give you all to express all the love, awe and gratitude that is in my heart? You have profoundly touched and blessed me. I am a stronger, less anxious and more courageous woman because you all helped me recognize these things in myself. I am better for your care, my mother is better for witnessing your work, my daughter is better because she will learn from my story, the profound and sacred power in the gift of childbirth. How can one give thanks for all of this? I will always remember you! God bless the work of your hands.”