Pranabirthing Workshop

Every Tuesday 7:30PM-8:45PM

Preparing the Mind for Birth

Pranabirthing is a unique workshop series designed for expecting moms and their partners to prepare for birth by leveraging the power of the mind. In this two-week workshop series you will learn accessible and modern techniques based on ancient wisdom that will empower mom to ease into the pranabirthingnatural process of birth and enable partners to provide calm and loving support. The program’s curriculum is centered around the ancient practice of yoga nidra (the yogic sleep). Yoga nidra is practiced from a comfortable resting position and teaches the skill of full-body relaxation and how to access a deep meditative state of consciousness.

We will work with positive affirmations and explore mindfulness, self-hypnosis, visualization and aromatherapy as tools that will help with each contraction. In addition, you will learn basics on what to expect during labor and birth, with the intention of reducing many common fears. What you will learn in the program will facilitate the natural flow of oxytocin in the body which will help mom relax into a more easeful experience. The mind is powerful and with practice both partners will master relaxation skills that you can draw upon for the rest of your life. Enrollment in the course includes an mp3 audio file of guided relaxation to be used at home regularly prior to and on the day of your birth.

Recommended to start at 26-30 weeks, but can be started later. Wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a pen and journal. Please make sure that you can attend all three classes in the series. This course is taught in groups of up to six couples and can also be booked privately and semi-privately.

Registration is required. Space is limited and will enroll quickly. Please make sure you can attend all three classes on consecutive Mondays.

If unable to register contact us for waiting list options:

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Dee Yergo, Class Facilitator

Dee Yergo
BA in Literature/Creative Writing from NYU
300+ Hour Trained Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Certified Pre-Natal/Post-Natal Teacher
Certified Professional Life Coach/Spiritual Mentor

My yoga journey began 18 years ago when I attended a pre-natal class while pregnant with my first child. My practice waned considerably over the years that my three children were toddlers. When their dad ...

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Repeating classes are held at:
Full Circle Women's Health
450 Mamaroneck Ave. Suite 414
Harrison, NY 10528
(914) 421-1500
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